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Office Cleaning

Having a clean and healthy workspace is one of the most crucial factors when it comes to running a successful business. We offer high quality, customized cleaning service to create a clean, tidy and hygienic office environment to your valued customers and staff.

At Classy Property Cleaning we offer you a high-quality professional cleaning service during office hours or after hours depending on your requirement. We facilitate flexible cleaning arrangements based on the number of cleans you need per week or fortnight. You will have the same cleaner visiting your office and you have the option to provide your chemicals and equipment or use ours.

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Regular Office Cleaning


Weekly (Most Popular)

We’ll come on an agreed day of a week.

Every Other Week / Fortnightly

We’ll come on an agreed day of a every other week.

Once a Month

We’ll come on an agreed day of a month.

What’s Included

Following is the list of things we do every day.

  • Carpets and floor – vacuum areas, including under desks and benches and along edges
  • All horizontal surfaces (including floor skirting, windowsills, and above door frames, picture frames, etc.) – dust and clean
  • Desks – spot clean, Full clean when needed
  • Walls – spot cleaned to remove marks, dust, food particles and spills
  • Light and fan switches – wipe, ensuring they are clean and sanitized
  • Bins – remove any rubbish and replenish bin liners
  • Entrance glass door – wipe both sides
  • Phones, computer monitors and keyboards – wipe and sanitize
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Kitchen benches, sink and tables – wipe and clean ensuring they are left in streak-free sanitised state
  • Microwave – clean, wipe inside and outside
  • Hard floors – vacuum and mop and leave in non-slip state
  • Toilet and cistern – sanitize wiping to remove any dust and brushing the bowl to shine
  • Urinal (male toilets) – Spray with hospital grade disinfectant. Wipe down urinal top, button and cistern. Remove any rubbish from urinal base. Scrub urinal to shine
  • Vanity and basins – wipe the basin, around all taps and vanities and drainage hole and scrub to shine
  • Mirror – wipe to streak-free finish
  • Consumables – replenish hand-towel, toilet-roll and soap dispensers on request

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Office Cleaning

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